Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Revision Update: Heading into the Homestretch

So the pesky day job derailed my Labyrinth of Flame revision plan again these last weeks. BUT. I am close to finishing the draft.  Close enough I'm taking this next week off from work for the big push to the end.  Which feels like:

Took this pic heading home from canyoneering in the Robbers Roost area of SE Utah.  The road is long, but the promised land is at last in sight...   
Best of all, my husband - who is once again even more desperate for this book to be done than I am - agreed to let me finish off the week by holing up in a hotel for a writing marathon, just like I did to finish The Tainted City.  (But hopefully without the late-night return home to take the kiddo to the ER.)  It is really amazing how much work I can get done when there's no little voice calling "Mommy!  Mommy, I need you..."

Assuming no illness or other disasters this next week, the kickstarter is still on for mid-Feb, likely Feb 17 or 18.  I've already been working on my project page a bit, and have roped a friend into helping me shoot some video in a nicely mountainous location (because hey, what better excuse for a little adventure?  Of course for Labyrinth I really ought to be be filming in Utah's canyon country, but alas, this is the wrong time of year - the weather is too iffy and the canyons too muddy.)

I've also got a little survey up polling what people would like to see as kickstarter rewards.  Many of you on my mailing list already responded - thanks so much for your time and your comments! Thought I'd toss up the link here too, in case anybody else wants to weigh in before I finalize reward levels.

And now, I go dark until I hit those glorious words THE END.  See you soon!

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