Friday, March 2, 2012

The Greatest Adventure

So this week's excuse for bailing on blog posts is that I've been busy organizing my son's birthday party (coming up this weekend: 18 toddlers bouncing around a gymnastics gym full of trampolines.  The energy in the room should be enough to power a small country or two, eek!).  At not-quite-3 years old, he's an old hand at the climbing gym, the skating rink, the swimming pool, and our local trails.  Sadly he's never been much of a backpack baby - too energetic to sit still for more than a few minutes! - so unlike some of our friends with young kids, we haven't been able to do serious hikes with him yet.  But soon enough, I expect he'll be outhiking me up peaks and beating me down mogul slopes.  (I'm also hoping he'll share his parents' taste for science fiction & fantasy!  We're off to a good start there, with Jane Yolen picture books and the like...)

So anyway, no official adventure post this week.  Instead, here's a few pics to prove that adventures don't have to stop once you have a kid:        

Toddlers make great climbers
Hiking near Telluride 


  1. Adventures definitely don't have to stop. And shouldn't.

    I'd love to try some "real" wall climbing one of these days.

  2. More reason for you to come to Colorado! My husband & I would gladly take you climbing, either in gym or on real rock. :)