Monday, March 2, 2015

Kickstarter Day 13 (16 to go): and on the 7th day, she rested

The Labyrinth of Flame's Kickstarter just passed $7,000, and I continue to be amazed and humbled by everyone's enthusiastic support.  You all are the best.  In other news, today was my son's birthday party (though not his actual birthday yet).  I tell you, climbing 14ers is a breeze compared to wrangling a hyper-excited gaggle of five-year-olds at an indoor water park.  Totally worth it to watch my son having what he loudly proclaimed the "most awesome day ever," but right now all my husband and I want to do is collapse on the sofa and never move again.  Therefore, today's post is the shortest yet.  I'm skipping a book rec because I haven't the brainpower left to rec anything properly.  Instead, I shall leave you with a pic of the type of wilderness my husband and I wish we were in right now:

Beach on a deserted atoll near Aitutaki in the Cook Islands.  

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  1. That doesn't look like a mountain ;) But every climber needs a rest.