Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Whitefire Crossing is FREE on Amazon!

Happy October, everyone! And happy quasi-release day to The Tainted City, which is now available in ebook form at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other fine retailers (including Baen books, which sells my novels DRM-free - which means anyone, anywhere in the world can buy the book in the e-format of their choice and load it on whatever e-reader they possess (Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc!).)

And best of all, to celebrate The Tainted City's release, The Whitefire Crossing is now free on Amazon for a limited time. (Not sure exactly how long, but I'm guessing a few days max - so hurry up and get your copy or gift it to a friend!)

Just in case anyone needs convincing, here are two more awesome reviews for Whitefire that popped up in the last few days: the first from Abhinav Jain (Shadowhawk) over at The Founding Fields (he says, "If I could give out an actual award for best novel of the year, The Whitefire Crossing would be at the top of the list as one of the strongest contenders."  Woo hoo!)  The second is from Kaila over at Stumptown Books, who reviewed the book as part of her series on non-European fantasy written by women.  (Kaila says, "I LOVED this book."  Double woo hoo!)  I'm doing an interview for Kaila and also writing a guest post for her about my favorite non-urban fantasy novels written by women, so stay tuned for links a little later this month.

Sorry there wasn't a Thursday Adventure post last week - I've been busy the past few days having another kind of adventure: taking my 3 year old son to Disneyworld for the first time.  You might think Disney is the antithesis of everything an outdoor-adventure person like myself enjoys.  But for all the crowds and commercialism, I love Disney's celebration of imagination - and I myself have scores of happy childhood memories from my family's visits there.  My three year old had an absolute blast, and so did my husband and I.  (My only regret is that my son wasn't tall enough yet for Space Mountain, or most of the simulator rides at Epcot.  Next time...) As a parent, you can't help but delight in smiles like this:

And as The Tainted City fully releases at last, I'm wearing a grin just as big.


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    1. Thanks, Paul! (So funny how release dates in publishing are, er, not exactly set in stone. Original release date for Tainted City was Oct 2, and I think that's still considered the "official" date. But the book's been out for weeks now at both physical bookstores and Amazon; Amazon in fact changed the listed pub date (randomly!) to Sep 25, so some internet sites now say that, others say Oct 2, some say today's date which was the ebook release...! I myself am going with today since now the book's available in all but audiobook form (I think that still releases tomorrow on the 2nd - the only thing that does!).

  2. I picked up Whitefire Crossing as an e-book. In case I ever feel like reading it on my phone. Maybe on a plane flight.

    1. Haha, I think you must now be the one person besides myself that owns the book in every possible format. ;) Though speaking of planes...for me the biggest downside of ebooks is that infamous 15 min on take-off and landing when you're not allowed to use electronic devices. I bring a paperback to switch over to (wouldn't want to waste any precious reading time! And I can read a good few chapters in 15 min), but I haaate switching like that. (I'm a one book at a time sort of girl.)

  3. Congrats! Both on the release and making it to Disneyworld and back!