Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kickstarter Day 18 (11 to go): a dream location for a writing retreat, and an epic fantasy deserving of more readers

I've spent the last two days stuck in the house with a feverish, coughing, cranky six year old.  Thank goodness for Star Wars - marathon viewings of Episodes I, IV, V, VI certainly helped keep us both sane.  Still, I'm going a little stir crazy, especially since we were supposed to go skiing with friends at Crested Butte this weekend and have had to cancel that trip (SIGH).  (CB has had 41" of snow in the last 7 days!  I seriously considered driving the 6 hrs to CB tonight, skiing one day, and then driving back.  But I'm not quite that desperate. Not yet.) 

Thankfully, I still get that happy little glow every time I look at The Labyrinth of Flame kickstarter: it's going to be a real book! YAY!  Plus I'm excited to jump back into the manuscript and incorporate some more critique group comments.  This is my favorite part of writing - when I've done the heavy lifting on a scene already, and now I'm polishing and pruning and deepening and making it that much better.  This weekend I'm hoping to salve the pain of not skiing by the joy of writing...though I sure wish I was writing not in my house but in a location like this:

Cabin in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park
Today's book rec is Evie Manieri's Blood's Pride: an intricate epic fantasy that has a host of interesting characters (including a female mercenary who is far more than just a badass), two very different cultures (one of which is telepathic!), and a whole lot of promise for the series to come.  The second novel, Fortune's Blight, released recently, and is sitting on my Kindle waiting for me to plow through my to-do list so I can sit down and enjoy it.  (Preferably without a 6yo constantly asking me to explain every last thing about the Star Wars movies to him.  "But why do the Sith have red lightsabers?  Don't they like other colors?")  As many readers as Manieri's series has, I think it deserves more.  So if you like epic fantasy, give Blood's Pride a try.


  1. Yup, we tackled Evie's book on Skiffy and Fanty a couple of years back, and she does deserve more readers, agreed.

  2. I almost recommended "The Star Wars Holiday Special" for your boy, but when I brought up the video, it all came back, and in the end figured it'd probably make you both sick.

    But do give "Banner in the Sky" a shot. I think your boy will like it, and for your cabin fever there's all that scenery of the Alps.

    1. I meant "Third Man on the Mountain" - "Banner in the Sky" is the novel.

    2. Ha! I remember the Star Wars Holiday special. Think I liked it as a little girl, but yes, I suspect it doesn't age well.

      We'll definitely have to try Third Man on the Mountain! Though I'm trying to pry the kiddo away from the TV now that he's feeling better. Maybe on our next family movie night.