Thursday, August 23, 2012

Congrats to Giveaway Winners!

You may remember that at the end of July I participated in an awesome online event over at Justin Landon's Staffer's Book Review blog: Debut Authorpalooza, in which I joined ten up-and-coming SFF authors in talking about writing the infamous second novel and providing an excerpt (as well as ganging up for a really fun "Ask Me Anything" over at Reddit!).  We all held individual giveaways as well as contributing items to a seriously awesome grand prize - and now, the winners are announced!  Congrats to the three lucky folks who won signed copies of The Whitefire Crossing and The Tainted City in my individual giveaway; and wow, you've gotta check out the incredible haul that one lucky lady scored as the grand prize winner (my contribution was a signed ARC of The Tainted City).  

And hey, if you're a blogger/reviewer with access to NetGalley, the wait for The Tainted City is over: the e-ARC is now available for download. (And yep, this e-ARC is the final, fully corrected version.)  That means the countdown to the first review has begun...excuse me while I chomp my nails to the quick and jump out of my chair every time a google alert pings into my inbox! 

No reading round-up this week since I'm busy getting ready for WorldCon - but tomorrow there'll be another Thursday Adventure.  This time to a place that's neither a mountain nor a canyon...believe it or not, mountains weren't my first love as a kid eager to experience wilderness.  Come back tomorrow to see what was...


  1. I've had so many tsuris with Netgalley that I've given up getting ARCs from them and getting them from other sources instead.

    1. Yeah, I don't know how many people actually use it...but several of my early reviews for Whitefire were off NetGalley copies, so some folks must! But as soon as I get official e-copies (and print copies) from Night Shade, I'll be sending out my own wave of review copies to those reviewers like you who want them.

      (And bonus points for using a word I actually had to look up! ("tsuris") I love learning new words, and it doesn't happen that often anymore...)

    2. The hazards of living in NYC, I picked up a few Yiddish words. :)

  2. Damn Swedes... : p

    And funny - I was going to thank Paul for that word, as well.