Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Tainted City takes the ring in BookSpotCentral's 7th annual book tournament

BookSpotCentral holds a fun little tournament every spring in which the editors compile their picks for the 64 best SFF books of the prior year, and then face them off in pairs.  Blog readers vote to determine the winner, which then advances to the next round and faces off with another champion.  This year I was delighted to find out that The Tainted City is among the contenders - truly, it's an honor to be nominated!  I'm up against a real heavyweight, though: NYT bestseller Brent Weeks's The Blinding Knife.  So please, go vote for me, so The Tainted City can face only crushing defeat instead of utter annihilation!  :D

In other news, all of the character masques are now live at BookSworn.  You've got until midnight US Eastern time on Monday Mar 25 to send us your guesses as to the characters, so head on over for your chance to win a whole pile of awesome books!

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