Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BookSworn Launch Celebration

Last week was pretty epic, and not in a good way.  Two massive day job deadlines, a nasty cold, and other associated difficulties made for a grueling couple of days that I'm very, very glad to put behind me.  Fortunately, the times they are a-changing, and today is epic in all the best sense of the word.  Why?  Well, for a few months now, I and a gang of fellow fantasy authors have been making plans and hammering out details for a brand-new author collective called BookSworn - and today, we go live!

(What is an author collective, you ask?  At the most basic, it's a way for us to gang up for joint promo efforts, which I've found are more fun not only for authors but for readers, too.  Just look at the parties those of us from Night Shade have held at WorldCon the past 2 years, haha.  Our other goal is to foster a community, not only among the authors participating, but fantasy readers who visit the site.  When I ran the Night Bazaar blog back in 2011, one of my favorite parts was the community aspect, and I'm hoping to expand upon that here.) 

The Book Sworn
To celebrate our launch, we're having a fun "masked ball" contest: all this week, we'll be posting snippets from our novels that describe an unnamed character; guess the character right, and you'll be entered to win a whopper of a prize: signed novels from 15 of us.  The first masked ball post is up, so head on over and check us out!  (Hint: it's pretty easy to enter even if you've never read the other folks' books and haven't a clue.  Google search is your friend. :) 

So yeah, I'm pretty excited to see BookSworn launch at last, and hoping it'll be a success for all.  And in other "cool things on the internet" news, here are 2 other posts I want to share:

And now, for the rest of my lunch hour, I will go WRITE.  For the first time in almost 2 weeks!  (My day job ate my time and my brain so thoroughly during that time that I didn't manage a single sentence.  Which I hated.)  I'm so, so glad to get back to Labyrinth of Flame...Dev and Kiran were in an awfully sticky spot when I last left them. :)


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better and got time to write - which will get you feeling even better, I'm sure.

    BookSworn sounds cool, and thanks for the link to Mark's, as well!

  2. Yes, writing again has improved my mood immensely. Though what I really want is to climb a peak...even a little local one like Bear Peak would do! I'm not quite over the cold, though. Maybe next weekend...

  3. Only 8,000 feet, right? : p

    And I love how they have Pooch Pics - makes me want to get a dog and go for a hike.