Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Worldbuilders charity auction for signed copies of Whitefire Crossing and Tainted City

Every year around this time, Patrick Rothfuss runs a huge fundraiser for the Heifer International charity.  The fundraiser is called Worldbuilders, and a vast array of SFF authors and publishers donate signed copies of books and other goodies for Pat to offer up as prizes.  There are two ways to contribute: you can make a general donation, which enters you into a drawing for a big pool of prizes, or you can bid on auctions for specific items.  (See here for details, along with lists of all the excellent books on offer as prizes!)

This year I donated two signed sets of The Whitefire Crossing and The Tainted City.  One set will be in the general prize pool, but the other set you can bid on directly right here.  If you've any interest in signed copies of my books, this is a great opportunity and you'll be supporting a wonderful organization that helps families in need all over the world.  If you've already got copies of my books, go check out all the other excellent books up for auction, or consider a general donation.

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  1. I love Worldbuilders. I remember the first year, when he said he'd match all donations, and he kept his word, even though people had donated $58,000.

    A great guy, a great cause, and now he's got two great books to boot.