Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Upcoming appearances: SFF Writer Chat and MileHiCon

Got a question about The Whitefire Crossing or The Tainted City - or heck, climbing or figure skating or canyoneering?  On the evening of Wed Oct 10, I'll be the featured guest on Bryan Thomas Schmidt's SFF Writer Chat on Twitter - hashtag is #sffwrtcht, the chat starts at 9pm ET (7pm MT), and I'll be answering any and all questions for the next hour.  So please, come on by!   (My own twitter handle is @cischafer, and even if you miss the chat, I always love talking with people there.  I'm way more active on twitter than Facebook, since it's far easier for me to fire off a 140-char tweet as I'm chasing my toddler past the computer than type in a longer update!)

The second part of my interview at Stumptown Books is now live - in this bit I talk about narrative choices, setting, influences, and the magic of the Shattered Sigil world.

This week at the Night Bazaar, I talked about the art of writing 1st person POV (and shared my recommendations for books that make terrific use of 1st person).

I'll be attending MileHiCon in Denver on Oct 20 and 21, doing two panels, a reading, and a signing.  Here's my official schedule:

Saturday, Oct 20:

1pm: Signing at the autograph table

3pm: Higgs-Boson and Faster Than Light Neutrinos. (Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask my physicist friends for a little help to prepare for this panel.  Thank God I did my undergrad at Caltech.)

7pm-9pm: Fantasy, Magic Realism, Fable & Mythos: Assorted Readings.  (I love doing group readings with other authors. Makes it so much less intimidating, and I love hearing everyone else's work!)

Sunday, Oct 21:

11am: How SF Changed Over The Past 50 Years. (Should be an interesting panel, especially since my co-panelists are luminaries like Paolo Bacigalupi and Ed Bryant.)

Other than that, I'll be enjoying myself hanging out at the con, so if you're there, say hi!

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