Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MileHiCon and more

MileHiCon was a ton of fun, as always.  My favorite part (as at any con!) was hanging out with fellow SFF enthusiasts and writer-friends, but I had a few authorial highlights.  I survived my reading without choking up from nerves, I had a couple total strangers actually show up at the autograph table wanting me to sign books for them (likely only another newbie author will understand the combination of glee and surprise this provoked), and hey, an audience member even called me "Dr. Schafer" at the particle physics panel, which I am choosing to take as a sign I didn't sound like an utter moron.  (I don't have a doctorate, only a masters.  To quote Big Bang Theory...
Sheldon: This would go a lot faster if you put your trade school diploma to work.  
Howard: I have a Masters degree from M.I.T. 
Sheldon: Yeah, but you've got a can-do attitude and that's what's important.

But now I am buried once again in day jobbery, so today's post is another quickie link round-up:


  1. Did you run into Patrick Hester, out of curiosity?

    1. Alas, no...but I could only spend one full day at the con (Saturday) and a short visit on Sunday (to participate in another panel), so it was a bit hectic for me. I really wanted to go to Patrick's live Functional Nerds podcast with Cherie Priest and Connie Willis, but that was right after one of my Sat panels, and I ended up talking with audience folks so long afterward that I missed it. Next year...