Saturday, July 14, 2012

State of the City, and Debut Authorpalooza

Look what I was reading today:

Pre-copyedit galleys of The Tainted City: that's right, the book is almost done!  (Holy crap, I can hardly believe it.)  I'm doing final fixes, then I'll review copyedits, and once all corrections are entered the book goes to the printer.

And to celebrate finishing the infamous second novel (a.k.a. The Book That Ate My Life), I'm joining 9 other  recent debut fantasy authors (Teresa Frohock, Mark Lawrence, Mazarkis Williams, Kameron Hurley, Stina Leicht, Elspeth Cooper, Anne Lyle, Doug Hulick, and Brad Beaulieu) over at Staffer's Book Review during the next two weeks for "Debut Authorpalooza."  We'll talk about what it was like to write our second novels, give away books, and provide exclusive sneak peek excerpts.  We'll also be doing a group "Ask Me Anything" over on Reddit on July 19th at 7pm CDT - see here for details, and come ask us questions.  (On anything under the sun!)


  1. It's real! And I can make out the first word, too. :-)

    See you at the Debut!

  2. Maine - ha! Yes, and the first word of The Tainted City is in fact exactly the same as that of The Whitefire Crossing. :P