Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Firing up the engines...

Hard to believe my year posting at the Night Bazaar has come to a close!  Instead, I'll be hanging out here, at least until I upgrade my author website to include an integrated blog.  Since I'm currently slaving away on The Tainted City in advance of a rapidly approaching deadline, I fear you can't expect any deep, thoughtful posts anytime soon...but I plan to do a "Monday Book Recommendation" series to spotlight SFF books I've read and loved, and a "Wilderness Pic of the Week" to show off my favorite places for hiking/skiing/climbing.


  1. Hi Courtney.

    (C'mon, are you really surprised? ;) )

    And I approve of pictures, since I share them many days of the week myself...

  2. Hi Paul! Nice to see your reign as the King of Comments continues unchallenged. :) Can't say my pics will be half as well-composed as yours (I run more to the "point and shoot and pray that if you take enough pics, some will turn out good" school of photography), but hopefully the scenery will make up for my lack of skill. ;)

  3. You *do* have an advantage in "local" scenery, I readily admit.