Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Evil is a Matter of Perspective Anthology is sooo close to funding (which will mean a Lizaveta story!)

I just spent an incredible week sailing & snorkeling Australia's Whitsunday Islands--lots of pics to come when I get a chance. (I posted a few teaser shots on Facebook; oh goodness the area is gorgeous and we had so much fun.) While I was off sailing, the Kickstarter for Grimdark Magazine's "Evil is a Matter of Perspective" anthology went live. This is a nifty project where a bunch of authors (including me, woo!) will write stories from the perspective of one of our antagonists. In my case, the antagonist will be Lizaveta, since I've already promised a Ruslan story through Labyrinth of Flame's kickstarter. (The Ruslan story is outlined and next on the block once I finish revising the Cara novella.) I've got Lizaveta's story plotted out and my fingers crossed that the anthology will fund--it's getting quite close now, so if you haven't already, please consider backing!

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