Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Last call for Labyrinth of Flame pre-orders (the book is in copy edits!)

So yesterday I sent The Labyrinth of Flame to the copy editor, after spending the last few weeks entering all the line edit fixes and rewriting some scenes. (Which I did in between day job deadlines, a family trip to Moab, presenting a workshop at the RMFW Colorado Gold writing conference, and taking the winner of my Ultimate Fan reward raffle up two 14K peaks. That ascent was awesome, by the way. I'll be sharing tons of pics this Thursday.)

Going to copy edits means The Labyrinth of Flame is almost done. ALMOST. Hopefully just typos and other small errors left to fix. (Oh, how I hope!) I can't quite believe the story is really all there on the page. I've been working on this book for so long it's hard to imagine not working on it! But that day is coming soon. As is the day when all you lovely patient people will at last have the chance to read it. (The closer that day comes, the more my excitement grows...and yes, so do my nerves! I love this book so much. I know it's statistically impossible for everyone to love it. But I hope a whole lot of you do.)

I've been letting people who missed the Kickstarter do "late pledges" for either ebooks or signed trade paperbacks, but now the book is so close to production, I'm going to have to cut those off. Deadline for pre-orders/late pledges is this Friday, September 18th. After that point, anyone who'd like the book will have to wait for the general release at online retailers, which will happen after I ship all the Kickstarter rewards.

And now, I'm going to collapse. (Sleep has not been a priority the last month or so. Or actually, the last six years.)


  1. Hello,
    I am so excited to learn that I get to read about Kiran,Dev and Ruslan again soon. (Thank you again for the late pledge opportunity!)
    I checked for news every day,because I really can't wait to read your new book!
    I made the 'mistake' to re-read the first ones which makes waiting all the more unbearable. I really love the world you created!
    I'm always very hyper after reading and want to tell someone about it. I don't want to presume to much, but would you like some feedback and thoughts after I finish reading?
    I hope you are able to sleep more now!
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Sarah! (Sorry for the delay in response...for some reason this comment didn't come through to my email.) Anyway, I would be delighted if you send me your thoughts after reading the book. For me, the whole purpose of publishing is to share my story with others, and there's nothing more fun than hearing reactions from readers. So yes, send away!