Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year from down under!

Happy New Year everyone! Which I get to say a little early as we're currently in Sydney, visiting my husband's family and friends and having a blast.  I've been to Australia many times before (think this is my 7th trip), but I had never seen Sydney's NYE fireworks.  This year my husband and I splurged and got tickets to a dinner-and-fireworks event at one of the best viewing areas (Mrs. Macquarie's Point).  Totally worth the $$ - we didn't have to stake out a spot 24 hours early or wait in huge lines or anything, just show up and enjoy the incredible view.  My husband had always told me Sydney's fireworks extravaganza is one of the best in the world - far better than anything he's seen in the US - and wow, he was right.

Awesome fireworks! More were being shot off from a barge in the harbor out of view to the right - so we were surrounded by light and sound.
There are actually two displays - one at 9pm that's considered the "family fireworks" and is centered in Darling Harbour but still involves the barges in the harbour and the bridge:

Family fireworks at 9pm
After that is a "parade of lights" involving ships:

A sailing ship in the parade of lights passes under the Harbour Bridge

While everybody hangs out waiting for the big show at midnight:
Relaxing under the stars, waiting for the end of 2014
The big show is indeed big - feels like fireworks are going off from everywhere!  The effects on the bridge are the neatest part.  My particular favorite was this "golden waterfall" effect:

Though really, anything involving the bridge was cool

And the finale had so much going on my poor little camera was unable to capture it in any detail!

It was a most excellent way to end the year.  We've been having plenty of other fun in Australia, too - hiking in the Blue Mountains, climbing Mt. Kosciuszko in the Snowy Mountains, and enjoying Sydney's lovely beaches - but I'll leave those pics for some Thursday Adventure posts later on.  Besides, we're not done having fun yet.  Still have another week before we head back to Colorado (which I hear has been getting plenty of snow while we're away - I'm looking forward to some excellent skiing once we're back!).

Far as writing goes, I'm still inching onward toward finishing my revision of The Labyrinth of Flame in between various adventures.  Once back, I'll post the 3rd chapter online, and then it'll be kickstarter time in February! I'm so excited to get this book into your hands.  Here's to a 2015 filled with awesome reads and adventures for all!


  1. Happy New Year. Thanks for sharing these, Courtney!

  2. It's no fair that you get New Year's before we do. At least you didn't give any spoilers. : p

    But really, yeah, they always show Sydney's fireworks on the news here, and then it's like, well, we can't top that - time to go to bed. That golden waterfall is definitely a treat, and I didn't even know about the parade of lights. And people are in t-shirts!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Yeah, I don't think I've ever gone to see fireworks in Colorado for NYE because it is freaking freezing outside! As opposed to nice balmy midsummer Sydney - actually we have been lucky this year that Australia is having a fairly cool start to their summer, as often Xmas/New Years are blazingly hot and the mountains are all on fire. Whereas we have been glad we brought our Colorado fleece! In the Snowy Mtns near Canberra it even got down to freezing at night - not unheard of for mountain midsummer, but not usual either.