Friday, October 17, 2014

MileHiCon 2014 Schedule

Next weekend I'll be taking a brief break from revision to attend MileHiCon in Denver.  Actually, not really a break...I'm bringing my laptop and will continue to work furiously whenever I get the chance.  (One and a half chapters left that need a full white-page rewrite! Then I will be in the homestretch - the last few chapters only need adjusting, not complete rewriting.)

This year for the first time I'm staying at the con rather than driving down every day, so I'm pretty darn excited about the chance for extra sleep and writing time.  Oh yes, and also seeing friends, meeting new people, and all the usual fun con activities.  (Haha, I think I must be one of the few people whose first thought upon contemplating a weekend at a con is "Hell yeah, I'm gonna get some SLEEP.")

Here's my panel schedule - notice how none of my panels are before noon?  This is going to be an excellent con. But seriously, if you're attending, please come and say hi! I promise I enjoy interacting just as much as I do sleeping. And if my last-minute rush print job gets shipped in time, I will have lovely Labyrinth of Flame postcards to hand out.  

Saturday, Oct 25:

2pm: Kickstarter & Beyond: Successful Crowd-Sourcing

7pm: Worst Tropes EVER: 10 We'd Like to Ban from Books & Film

Sunday, Oct 26:

2pm: Rocks In Their Heads: Stupid Geology

3pm: Writing That is Adored/Obsessed Over


  1. Rocks In Their Heads: Stupid Geology

    Damn, I *so* would want to attend that panel. I so would want to be *on* that panel

    1. Haha, it should be a fun one. And yes, wish you were there to contribute (you'd be a great panelist!).

  2. Hi! I'll see you at the Kickstarter & Beyond panel. I'll be your moderator - looking about, it seems you haven't done a kickstarter yet, but you're planning one for February 2015? Hopefully I'll also see your books in the dealer's room.

    1. Looking forward to it! You're correct, I'm planning a KS for mid-Feb for the third novel in my trilogy. (First two were traditionally published.) I've been picking the brains of my author-friends who've run successful crowd-sourcing campaigns to get lessons learned, so hopefully even though I haven't done a KS myself yet, I'll have some good tips to share (and a list of resources).

      And yep, Who Else Books usually has copies of my first two novels in the dealer's room. :) See you at the con!