Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Tainted City (a.k.a. Stadt der Magier) releases in Germany

Die Chroniken von Ninavel continues in Germany, hooray!  Today's the release date for Stadt der Magier ("City of Mages"), the German edition of The Tainted City.  Hope German readers enjoy it as much as they seem to have Die Blutmagier ("The Bloodmages") / The Whitefire Crossing.  I'll admit I have fun practicing my (rusty) German by reading the occasional blog reviews auf Deutsch that Google alerts sends to me.

In other news, Reddit's r/Fantasy forum put together a 225-book ranked list of "Under-read and under-rated fantasy", which also got featured on - and The Whitefire Crossing is #3.  Sweet!  Seriously, it's great to know that those who've read my book feel strongly that more people should read it. Whitefire is in some pretty stellar company there, too. If you're looking for great fantasy to read, the list is a terrific resource.  My own TBR pile has sure gotten a heck of a lot longer.

In other other news, I'll be making an announcement soon about plans for The Labyrinth of Flame's release (at long last!) - so stay tuned.  And now, back to revision I go...


  1. Now I want to write a character named Chroniken Von Ninavel.

    And I just noticed something - was the name Ninavel an allusion to NIN?

    1. Ha! No on the NIN allusion, or at least, not consciously...I was actually riffing off "Nineveh" in the Bible (the city Jonah thought was so wicked he didn't want God to save it from destruction and got all mad when God did.)

    2. That's a great connection to Nineveh. And I never thought of NIN until I saw it all in capital letters there on the cover.