Saturday, May 4, 2013

Back in Boulder

You might remember me talking a while back about my "next big adventure": a month-long trip to Australia and Hawaii.  Astute readers will have guessed from the pics in my last few posts that April was Adventure Month for the Schafer family.  An awesome adventure it was, too!  Not only was it wonderful to see my husband's family and friends again in Sydney, but we had plenty of fun bushwalking (as the Aussies call hiking) in both the Blue and Snowy Mountains....

Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains
...not to mention spelunking in Jenolan Caves (which were fantastic! I'd never been to Jenolan before and it was well worth the visit)...

Squeezing through a tight spot. Thankfully, this part of the cave had no enormous lurking spiders. Other parts...well, I'll tell that story when I do a full-on Thursday Adventure post about Jenolan.
...and yes, we saw plenty of kangaroos.

Curious kangaroo checking us out in the Blue Mountains.
After spending 3 weeks in Australia, we flew to Maui and spent four lovely relaxing days swimming and snorkeling at Keawakapu beach.  (Oh, and for our one big touristy thing we did a dive in an honest-to-gosh submarine, which our 4-year-old son LOVED.)  Stopping in Maui was pretty much the best way ever to break up the grueling return trip from Sydney to Boulder. I mean, just look at this view:

View of Keawakapu Beach from our condo
Even so, the jetlag we're suffering upon our return is nothing to be sneezed at (though not nearly so epic as what we experienced the times we flew straight home from Sydney!).  When a four-year-old can't sleep, well, nobody sleeps.  You better believe I'll have more pictures and stories from our travels to show off over the next few weeks, but right now, I'm gonna get some shut-eye.


  1. Welcome back! We've missed you!

    (And after the recent May snow here, that view of the beach is strangely alluring...)

    1. Thanks, Paul! And yes, it was quite a change to come home from Maui's sunny beaches to a nice big spring Colorado snowstorm. At least in typical CO fashion, the temps soared back up the next day and all the snow in Boulder went *poof*! Time for hiking season...

  2. Glad you had such a good time!

    That sub looks awesome. A regular Nautilus adventure, and without the giant squid.

    1. Yeah, the sub was pretty cool. Although since the sub goes down to 100+ feet, only the blue light really penetrates that deep, and so the reef & fish all look gray/blue, as opposed to the brilliant colors you'd see in shallower water. Still, I've never been that deep while scuba diving (think my record is only 90 feet), and we saw some nifty sea life, so definitely a fun activity.