Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Real Coloradoans Spend Superbowl Sunday

Want to know one of Colorado's skiing secrets?  Superbowl Sunday is one of the best days of the year to ski at the resorts close to Denver.  Usually Sundays mean crowded slopes and skier traffic on I-70 so horrific it turns the 1.5-hour drive home into 4 or more. But not Superbowl Sunday!  Like magic, the crowds disappear by noon, leaving the skiing to those of us smart enough to enjoy it.  (It helps that my husband and I have zero interest in football.  As an Aussie, he thinks US "gridiron" is for wusses - "what's with all the padding?  And why do they stop all the time, are they too fat to keep playing?" he says.  Me, I just prefer to DO sports, not watch them.)  

This Superbowl Sunday was particularly awesome, because for the first time ever, we put our 2yo in ski school and my husband and I skied together, instead of taking turns.  Let me say it again: SKIED TOGETHER.  OMG it has been 3 years since we last did that.  We skied at Beaver Creek and the snow wasn't that great - the front range has been having a dry winter this year, and the so-called extreme terrain was a bit more extreme than usual thanks to all the rocks, stumps, skier-eating log traps, etc - but I did not care.  It was awesome.
The couple that skis extreme terrain together, stays together
Because of that skiing, no book rec post today - I'm behind on my writing schedule and must forge onward!  But oh, it was well worth it.  Because there's no better way to spend a Superbowl Sunday than this:
I've got the mogul slope ALL TO MYSELF, wheee!


  1. Superbowl Sunday is one of the best days of the year to ski at the resorts close to Denver.

    This makes some sense to me as "Counter programming." :)

    Glad you had fun on the slopes!

  2. Since my team lost, I really wish I'd spent the day skiing, too.

    And funny what your husband said. I asked a friend in Australia if the game's on down there, and she wrote back this:

    I think it's on TV, but I don't watch American Football because I have no idea what's going on. There seems to be a lot of shouting incomprehensible numbers, and then some throwing. And you know I've got to say it, right? Rugby League is tougher.

  3. Paul - thanks!

    Maine - haha, love your friend's comment. She's right, rugby is tougher. No padding, lots more continuous legal violence. Though my husband prefers "Australian rules football" which is apparently even more crazy than rugby.